Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meditation 3

Imagine that you are soaring through the sky completely effortlessly and freely.
As would a bird floating above the world. Imagine looking down at the beautiful vibrant green hills and breathing in the fresh air all around you. Feel the wind softly blowing past your face and your hair while you dance and swim suspended above the mountains. Feel the beauty of the earth rushing through your body making you giggle with excitement. The vastness and the space that you feel and see below you is also right inside of you. You are capable of experiencing that freedom and space whenever you'd like. Just close your eyes and remember this image, when you have the image clear in your mind, start flying and imagine what you see when you look down. Think about how it feels, the rush it brings, the coolness or the warmness that touches your skin, if you are clothed or completely naked and free. You can dance in the air, or swim or even do summersaults, you are completely weightless like a feather traveling through the sky. Imagine how happy and at a peace that you feel, just you and the world below. Hold that inside your heart and breathe it in deeply as you watch the momentary emotional and physical pain vanish even if for just a second. Come back to this place whenever you'd like because its yours. :)

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