First off.... don't worry, i will not make this long ;)
I just wanted to share some of myself with all of you. I have been extremely sick for two and a half years, for some that may seem very long and for others that may seem like nothing, although for me, its felt like a lifetime. I have been diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymes disease, Thyroid issues and other things that Dr's have not been able to help me with or understand, YET. I have been to the bottom with depression and I still am battling it to this day. I have been basically bed ridden and unable to socialize or go out to do anything "normal" or enjoyable for a good year and half now. A lot of people do NOT understand and I don't expect them too. Thankfully I have the support of my parents and a very close few who have stayed by my side through it all. My goal in making this site is to bring hope, stimulating ideas and visualizations to help heal your body and mind and if not anything else, just a smile will do. :)
All my love,

Ps. Anyone is free to email me at if you would like a friend who understands or just someone to talk to. <3