Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Excerpts from Conversations With God

" Mine is always your highest thought, your clearest word, your grandest feeling. Anything less is from another source." " The highest thought is always that thought which contains joy. The clearest words are those words which contain truth. The grandest feeling is that feeling which you call love."
Joy, Truth, Love.
" These three are interchangeable, and only always leads to the other. It matters not in which order they are placed."- Conversations With God.


" My most powerful messenger is experience, and even this you ignore. Especially this you ignore." The result of your not listening to your experience is that you keep re-living it, over and over again. For my purpose will not be thwarted, nor my will be ignored. You will get the message. Sooner or later."
"I will not force you to, however. I will never coerce you. For i have given you a free will- the power to do as you choose and I will never take that away from you, ever. And so I will continue sending you the same messages over and over again, throughout the millennia and to whatever corner of the universe you occupy. Endlessly will i send you my messages, until you have received them and held them close, calling them your own." - Conversations With God.

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