Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple Visualization

Lie down and close your eyes. Think very hard about anything that is making you feel unhappy or stressed. Now try to relax your body as much as you can. Imagine that you are blowing into a large red balloon. You are going to breathe all your stress into this balloon. Each time you breathe out, the balloon gets bigger. It is filling up with all your negative feelings. Anger, fear, hopelessness, grief, despair, are all blown into the balloon. As the balloon gets larger, imagine you are tying it at the neck. Now let it go so it can start to float away. On each out- breath it foes further up into the sky, until you can't see it any more. Now, on each in- breath, breathe peace and calm into your body until it fills your whole being with relaxation. - From the book Beat Fatigue With Yoga by: Fiona Agombar

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