Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helpful Treatments

From all that i have been through and all the research i have done and people i have spoken too, these things i'm listing have been very beneficial and helped people get well. For me not so much but every body is different and for the majority they have helped a tremendous amount of people.

This first link is of course not a traditional form of medicine BUT i took these classes and everyone in it were real Lymes disease sufferers and about 85% or 90% of the class i was in OVER the phone were getting results and getting well. I was the 10% that it didn't work for unfortunately but i thought i would post it up here for people because i DO know it works. Im considering trying it again. Please put your doubts aside and just check it out.....

This Clinic i am going to now. I just started so i cant say if i see any results yet. It is expensive and they don't take health insurance. So i know its probably for most out of the question but what i do know is that they help so many people including three people i know personally who have been seriously ill. Its located in Torrance, California.

Another thing i am currently doing. For those who don't believe in healers, then you might not be interested but this man is probably the top healer out of any healer around and i have done my research and had my experiences with many healers. I haven't had a chance to work with him because he is traveling around the world doing seminars but two clients of my dads were healed from Lymes and cancer over the phone from this man. I bought the spirit repair Cd a couple days ago and its pretty amazing... if it doesn't bring perfect health, it stills brings me incredible peace and helps my mind. Its like a journey to heaven. I would definitely recommend any of his Cds for anyone sick or well.

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