Sunday, March 14, 2010

First meditation

Great image to go to bed to.....
Imagine that you are floating in that emerald green lake.
All your sickness, worries, fears, anger, desperation and sadness dissipate into the water beneath you. Feel the peace washing over you like the cool water of the waterfall. This is YOUR space and your moment away from the world into timelessness. Feel your body becoming one with the beautiful ripe nature around you. Let yourself bask in the fresh and soothing water. Remember that you can escape your body anytime you'd like. Pretend that you are here and that nothing and no one can bother you when you are in this sacred place.


Rob said...

E I am super amazed by this blog you put together ... Tagore is one of my favorite poets (other than you) ... Gitanjali is a great book! If you feel ok today try to create something with your guitar and record it on Garage Band. Then send it to me haha ... Love your way forever and two days after that R

Elle said...

aw rob thank u!!! your so beautiful to me. Love you !

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